Kalie Martin is an experienced voice teacher and performer in the Oshkosh, Wisconsin area offering weekly lessons to singers who want to develop their technique and musicianship. Through vocal exercises and selected repertoire, Kalie brings out each student's natural voice.

She believes in the importance of practice and expects each of her students to work as hard as her to contribute to the bettering of their singing. Taking lessons will increase your skills and confidence. To learn more about Kalie's studio, visit her Prospective Students page.

Kalie offers weekly 30-minute or 45-minute voice lessons, depending on the level and needs of each student.

You will love taking voice lessons from Kalie because of her bubbly personality, patience, and most of all her expansive knowledge on all things music—especially how to greatly improve your classical singing voice.

Clarissa Anderson, former student

I thoroughly enjoyed learning from Kalie. She's very friendly and caring and strives to make you grow as a vocalist...You will not regret taking from Kalie!

Emily Mason, former student

My experience with Kalie was better than I ever could have hoped for. She knows what she is talking about! Her friendliness and kindness made the experience very encouraging. Taking lessons from her improved my voice immensely as well as taught me valuable skills.

Hannah Weyland, former student